Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is it May already?

Winter was so long and drawn out this year that it took a couple weeks of warm weather for me to believe that spring has actually arrived. It has been quite some time since my last post, and a lot has happened in that time. The last few weeks of school were quite busy with assignments alongside my work schedule, which was followed by two weeks of exams. In between classes ending and exams, Easter celebrations with Family took place which were much needed. Easter of 2013 will always be special to me, as it was just days after my boyfriend of 6 years asked me to be his wife. The proposal came as quite a surprise and I couldn't be happier. The euphoria was my fuel for studying during exams. Along with this amazing carrot soup from smitten kitchen.

During exams the kitchen saw lots of activity, but I stuck to mostly tried and true recipes. Once exams were over however, I was trying new recipes left right and centre. It has been great! While my kitchen has had lots of activity, I just did not have the motivation to write about it. I hope to get back into the blogging groove soon, but until then I thought I'd share some snippits from my instagram feed to highlight what has been happening in the kitchen over the last couple months.

Cold busting smoothies:

Carrot soup with roasted chickpeas from smitten kitchen. I also managed to pack in some roasted peppers and beets into this nutritional powerhouse of a soup.
A roasted potato nacho plate inspired by Oh She Glows:

Gluten-free banana pancakes by The Wannabe Chef. My new go-to grain free pancake recipe. So delicious! 

The cucumbers I bought to pickle went bad so I used carrots instead. I hope to post this recipe after some tweaks because it turns out pickled carrots are awesome!
Nepalese Dal (Dal Bhat) from Refresh cookbook:

I hope to be back soon with a delicious recipe :)